Our Reptiles

Here you will find information and photos about the reptiles that live and used to live with us here at Raeven Feathers. This *will* include offspring and rescues divided into relevant years.


The Corn Snakes

Dudes and Dudettes of the Elpahe guttata gutatta variety

The Thayer's Kingsnakes

Guys and Gals of the Lamprophis mexicana thayeri variety

The Western Hognoses

Hims and Hers of the Heterodon nasicus variety

The Rat Snakes

Boys and Girls of the North American varieties
. Right now you'll find only Black Rat Snakes and her offspring.

The Leopard Geckos

Dudes and Dudettes of the Eublepharis macularius variety


The Rescues

Reptiles in our care from Owner-surrender and unfortunate circumstances that ended with the little soul needing fostering, rehabilitation, and/or relocating to more appropriate homes.

Then, Everything Else...

All the other critters and beasties that make up Raeven Feathers - This includes snakes and other lizards that don't have their own section.

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