The Western Hognose Snakes

Here are the HOGNOSE SNAKES (Heterodon nasicus) I own, bred and used to own here at Raeven Feathers. This will not include offspring I sold on.

Normal (Green)  Heterodon nasicus   ID: RFR-
    HOGNOSE! In the midst of all the Corn Snakes, there is my pride and joy...Joshua, my little hoggie! Was bought as a "good feeder" but when he came to me he was anything but for months. Luckily, with scenting (he likes canned YELLOWFIN tuna the best, the snot) he is now eating very regularly (except during breeding season) and will commonly be found hanging out waiting for his food a day or so before feeding day.

    And a big grump, too!

Normal Heterodon nasicus  ID: RFR-
    Interesting "reddish" tones to her, although sold to me as a normal from normal parents? Hmm...Interesting indeed.

Normal  Heterodon nasicus  ID: RFR-
     Eager little thing, always wanting something to do and POUNCES on her food ...or anything she thinks is food! Wish all Hoggies were like this. A real joy to care for :)

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