The Leopard Geckos

Here you will find LEOPARD GECKOS (Eublepharis macularius) I own, bred and used to own here at Raeven Feathers. This will not include offspring I sold on.


Super Snow het Eclipse  Eublepharis macularius  ID: RFR-
    My big foundation SS male a friend helped to find for me. He was given his name, as when I first got him, and for months after I first had him, he would jump at me if we ever had eye-to-eye contact - He wasn't happy with me being around, but soon enough he relented and now we are best buddies.
    Diver is commonly found purched on my shoulder while I work in the reptile room and is usually the gecko who is chosen to do house work with me - He really seems to enjoy seeing what is going on in the morning and late afternoons from atop my shoulder...

Giant Bell Albino  E. macularius
     Big muscular guy with a gentle personality and very agreeable to any situation he is put in.

Super Galaxy   E. macularius
    Description to come...

Snow Eclipse   E. macularius
     Description to come...

Bell Red Stripe  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Normal   E. macularius
    Picked up with Sonny not intending to keep her myself, but I knew someone who would love to have her - Sold to a close friend where she is being loved on and spoilt by her devoted owner.

Hypo  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Snow?  E. macularius
    This fabulous young lady was moved on to a new home shortly before our house fire in early 2012. Her attitude was the epitome of "easy going" - She was my "Work Gecko" and she joined me on my work desk every day, without fail, where she would go to 'her corner' and hang out the entire day watching me work.

Super Snow het Eclipse  E. macularius
    Son of Diver & Storm, he is our male hold-back from 2012. Extremely friendly and a tad spoiled (he prefers to be fed by hand) he lives up to his nickname "Velcro".

Dark Star
Eclipse?  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Eclipse  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Tremper  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Eclipse  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Hypo het Tremper  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Hypo het Tremper  E. macularius
    Description to come...

Marble-Eyed Blizzard  E. macularius
    Picked this HUGE guy off of a pair of college students who didn’t have the time for him anymore. He really is such a big round boy, he's one of the biggest I have ever seen!
    He is a very grumpy boy and prefers to be left alone. Came to me with missing toes as well.
    Came to RF overweight and he is under a diet to bring his weight and condition down to something a little more manageable.

Blizzard  E. macularius
    Description to come...

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