The Rat Snakes

Here you will find photos of BLACK RAT SNAKES (Pantherophis o. obsoletus ) I own, bred and used to own here at Raeven Feathers. This will not include offspring I sold on unless they are hold-backs ;)

T- Albino  Pantherophis obsoletus  ID: RFR-POOXIA2009
    Took this amazing snake off the hands of a fellow friend who felt she would do better in a more experienced home. Previous home took her off of people who knew nothing about careing for snakes and were terrified of her. Left in her own waste and only given food and water, Xia developed health problems related to the lack of hygene. Friend worked on her a bit, after vet care, and I continued that care until she was right as rain.
    Originally sold by SouthCoast Exotics as "male", Xia was probed twice to be female.

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