The Rescues

Here you will find various reptiles I have taken on who all needed special care, veterinary work and rehabilitation. Everyone is found new homes once in good health...but once in a while someone stays here with us at Raeven Feathers permanently.


Normal Stripe  Eublepharis macularius
     More to come...

Normal  Eublepharis macularius
    More to come...

RAPTOR  Eublepharis macularius
     Original owner had a friend pick up from breeder AND care for Hades while they were ill, only for him to be handed over in a nasty (missing loads of toes!), lethargic, emaciated state. Owners did the best in their power to rehabilitate Hades for three months only for him to continue to decline and show no improvements.
      Surrendered to me on April the 14th, 2013.

- Hades' Own Photo Gallery - UNDER CONSTRUCTION -

Enigma  Eublepharis macularius
    This boy was given to me to care for as the poor little chap suffered from severe Enigma Syndrome. He had a very obvious head tilt and would walk to his left. He had to be hand fed every day, and kept in smaller quarters.
    As much as he suffered from his Enigma Syndrome, he seemed to try and make the most out of life - He was extremely curious, rarely upset or scared, and enjoyed his mealworms more than anything else.

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